S.D.L. Steampunk Design Hat (Black)

S.D.L. Steampunk Design Hat (Black)
Add this wicked S.D.L Black Steampunk hat to your look & you will instantly notice how it completes any outfit & gives you an `out of this world style you wont have seen anywhere else. Designed with roses & netted mesh across the top & a fabric around the bottom, this awesome accessory has two completely different ideas that are pulled together brilliantly by brooches on the top. Created with the highest quality, this S.D.L Black Steampunk hat has carefully crafted detail & a smooth finish you can be certain will always give you a high trend look. Giving you a chance to make the most out of your S.D.L Black Steampunk hat, it has been made with long lasting durability so you can be certain it will last throughout its uses without losing its neat shape & insane features. Its intelligent design ensures you will feel comfortable every time you wear it as it will rest perfectly on your head throughout the day. Matching an array of different styles, you can wear this S.D.L Black Steampunk hat with as many different outfits as you like & it will always complete their style & give you a punked up look to be proud of. Giving you comfort, style & diversity, this S.D.L Black Steampunk hat has been made to give you everything you need for your next event. Its insane image is perfect for the emo scene & will get you noticed everywhere you go, so dont miss out & get one today. Order through Black Banana & we are certain you will be more than impressed with our high quality service & speedy, sufficient delivery that will get your S.D.L Black Steampunk hat to you in perfect condition & in only a matter of days. S.D.L Black Steampunk Hat
Features: Style: Steampunk Small Top Hat


Nets & Roses on Back, brooche on top, Ribbon around Bottom If this S.D.L Black Steampunk hat isnt what you are looking for, why not check out our wide range of steampunk fashion & see what other styles we are looking for.
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