Livewire Circuit Simulator Livewire Standard

Livewire Circuit Simulator Livewire Standard

- Real time interactive circuit simulation
- Large database of component devices
- Schematic design & capture
- Realistic simulation of maximum component ratings & component destruction
- Standard edition

voltmeter ammeter & oscilloscope
- Pro edition

a comprehensive suite of virtual instruments including voltmeter ammeter oscilloscope logic analyser signal generator & word generator
- Control Studio 2 Circuit Wizard & PCB Wizard 3 file support
- Integrated publishing with text graphics & spell-checking support
- Free demo & tutorials downloadable from Livewire is a powerful software package for designing simulating & analysing electronic circuits. Switches transistors diodes integrated circuits & hundreds of other components can all be connected together to investigate the behaviour of a circuit. There are no limits to what can be designed & no loose connections or faulty components to worry about. However if the maximum ratings for any components are exceeded theyll explode The software is supplied on a CD-ROM & requires a PC with Pentium processor & Windows 95 onwards. User guide & datasheets are online. Product activation is required for registration. More infomation including differences between Standard & Pro editions can be found at
Supplier: Maplin
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PCB - Printed Circuit Board
PC - Personal Computer - an electronic device for acheiving multiple electronic tasks including word processing, emails and internet access
Graphics - A general term for visual aspects of an item/display
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Components - Multiple items used to complete the product.
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